Nonprobability Sampling. Finally, convenience sampling is another nonprobability sampling strategy that is employed by both qualitative and quantitative researchers. Sampling techniques can be divided into two categories: probability and non-probability. For example, if your study included the living donors then the strategy you chose to enter them would help support that they are representative of all living donors. In the paper “Sampling Strategy and Sample Size for a Quantitative Research Plan” the author is seeking to identify the impact of a 2-tier curriculum on the learning outcome of students, the population to be used would be identified to be students from one faculty of a designated university… Your sample is one of the key factors that determine if your findings are accurate. The strategy is the plan you set forth to be sure that the sample you use in your research study represents the population from which you drew your sample. Quantitative research is used to categorize, rank, and measure numerical data. Cite 6th Feb, 2017 The goal is to test a theory and support or reject it. The main goal of any marketing or statistical research is to provide quality results that are a reliable basis for decision-making. Sometimes we adopt both quantitative and qualitative approaches or two surveys in one research so we can adopt two types of sampling methods. Sampling Designs in Quantitative Studies.

In probability sampling, each population member has a known, non-zero chance of participating in the study.

Randomization or chance is the core of probability sampling technique. Research methods falls under methodologies and may refer to specific procedural techniques used to conduct a research. It should be recognized that a research methodology is different from a research method. We’ll explore those unique goals and techniques in this section. The three main types of quantitative sampling are: Random sampling: Random sampling is when all individuals in a population have an equal chance of being selected. The two broad classes of sampling designs in quantitative research are probability sampling and nonprobability sampling. While there are certainly instances when quantitative researchers rely on nonprobability samples (e.g., when doing exploratory research), quantitative researchers tend to rely on probability sampling techniques. In non-probability sampling, on … Continue reading → To draw a convenience sample, a researcher simply collects data from those people or other relevant elements to which she has most convenient access.

Research methodologies can be classified in several ways.

In nonprobability sampling, researchers select elements by nonrandom methods in which every element does not have a chance to be included. That is why the different types of sampling methods and techniques have a crucial role in research methodology and statistics. The goals and techniques associated with probability samples differ from those of nonprobability samples.

Researchers establish general laws of behavior found in different contexts and settings. A research strategy (or methodology) is systematic process of how a research is conducted to solve an inquiry problem.

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