The four types of NANDA nursing diagnosis are Actual (Problem-Focused), Risk, Health promotion, and Syndrome. We fund research through the NANDA Foundation.

Included also in this guide are tips on how you can formulate better nursing diagnosis plus a list of NANDA-I diagnoses that you can use in creating your nursing care plans (NCP). NANDA: ( nan'dă ), Acronym for North American Nursing Diagnosis Association. Nanda approved diagnosis is applicable to families, individuals or communities. Nursing process is a systematic, rational method of planning and providing individualized nursing care. The purpose of nursing process To identify client’s health status, actual or potential healthcare problems or need. Accordingly, evaluation is the last, but if goals were not sufficed, the nursing process begins again from the first step. OBJECTIVES At the end of this presentation, students will be able to: Define Nursing process , NANDA I, NIC and NOC State the types and components of nursing diagnoses Make a good nursing diagnoses Integrate NANDA I, NIC and NOC in the nursing care plan. Types of Nursing Diagnoses.

Nanda nursing diagnosis is a professional judgment grounded on application of clinical knowledge essential in determining the potential or actual experiences and responses to life processes and health problems.

We contribute to patient safety through the integration of evidence-based terminology into clinical practice and clinical decision-making. 4. Here are the four categories of nursing diagnosis provided by the NANDA-I system.

Learn what is a nursing diagnosis, its history and evolution, the nursing process, the different types, its classifications, and how to write NANDA nursing diagnoses correctly. Nursing diagnoses define what we know – they are our words.. We provide the world’s leading evidence-based nursing diagnoses for use in practice and to determine interventions and outcomes.

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