"Believe us when we say, no one else comes close to having as amazing fans as we do! BSB paid tribute to their supporters, and offered up the reimagined cut as a way of saying thank-you." Last updated on 02.05.2014

Gerald "PLAID" Isaac (@therealjoethomas) on Instagram: “If I recorded an acoustic album what songs would you wanna hear?

The Bm could also be played as Gmaj7.

No one else comes close to you No one makes me feel the way you do You're so special girl, to me And you'll always be, eternally Everytime I hold you near You always say the words I love to hear Girl with just a touch, you can do so much. Choose and determine which version of No One Else Comes Close chords and tabs by Joe you can play. 873 Likes, 150 Comments - JOE MNGT. Related. your choice [Intro] Gmaj7 Dmaj A Em7 x2 [Verse] Bm A Is everything just right A Em7 Don't want you thinking that I'm in a hurry Bm A I won't stay afraid A Em7 I had this vision that has got me worried Gmaj7 Dmaj7 'Cause everyone wants someone A Em7 That's one cliché that's true Gmaj7 Dmaj7 Except you I want no one A Em7 Unless that someone's you … #Bridges #SoundOff” No one else comes close.

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