King Narmer (First Dynasty, c. 3150 BCE) reigned during the Early Dynastic Period. The way archaeologists are able to piece together the unification of Egypt using the Narmer Palette, the Scorpion mace head, and the Narmer mace heads, is also very intriguing. Ancient Egyptian King - Narmer Fact Sheet. Narmer's identity is the subject of ongoing debates, although the dominant opinion among Egyptologists identifies Narmer with the pharaoh Menes, who is renowned in the ancient Egyptian written records as the first king, and the unifier of Ancient Egypt. King Narmer (First Dynasty, c. 3150 BCE) reigned during the Early Dynastic Period. Numerous academic and popular articles have been published on the Narmer Palette, the Narmer Mace-head and the Scorpion Mace-head, arguably three of the most iconic early Egyptian monuments. King Narmer appears to have come into power after King Scorpion.

Indeed, the scorpion in this context is perhaps more likely to be an expression of royal power rather than a 'name' in the modem sense of that term. King Menes “Narmer” Facts. All pharaohs prior to him were considered by experts as an absolute myth. In fact, the necropolis of Abydos in general is an overall fascination. 3. Menes means "He who endures." '7 The Scorpion Macehead may, in this way, provide a parallel for the 'name' of Narmer (and there are good stylistic reasons for placing the Scorpion Macehead and the reign of Narmer very close in time). The tomb of the Scorpion King has always been one to capture my attention. There is some direct evidence for this from near contemporary sources. Narmer was until not long ago considered the first ruler of ancient Egypt. - Narmer and the unification : A revisionist view, pp : 79-105, BES, New York, 1991-1992. The Scorpion King is considered the ruler who greatly contributed towards the creation of ancient Egypt, a land that would later be unified by Narmer. This monarch, the oldest known to date, has been popularly called the Scorpion King. 1. King Narmer appears to have come into power after King Scorpion. Not much is known about his life, except that he married and had a son who succeeded him. Very little is know of him - and it has been suggested he was actually none other than the famous king Narmer, and the Scorpion symbol that we take to represent his name is actually a title. The history of the Scorpion King is older than that, considered until recently as the first of the pharaohs, Narmer. It is possible that King Scorpion is King Narmer’s father. 2. Edwin C.M.Van Den Brink, Thomas E.Levy, Yuval Goren et David Alon : - New light on king Narmer and the protodynastic egyptian presence in Canaan, pp : 26-25, Biblical archaeologis 58, … Narmer may also be the same person as Menes. 1. It is generally recognized that these three objects are the The Narmer Palette (also known as Narmer's Victory Palette and the Great Hierakonpolis Palette) is an Egyptian ceremonial engraving, a little over two feet (64 cm) tall and shaped like a chevron shield, depicting the First Dynasty king Narmer conquering his enemies and uniting Upper and Lower Egypt.It features some of the earliest hieroglyphics found in Egypt and dates to c. 3200-3000 BCE.

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