Among the targets of his critical ire were Schumann, who he thought was a poor orchestrator, and Brahms. Among the targets of his critical ire were Schumann, who he thought was a poor orchestrator, and Brahms. A music critic is someone who conducts interviews with performers, bands and musicians, and will also write reviews of newly released records and cd's. If a musician gets a bad review people may not bother to go and hear him. They write reviews about this in newspapers or journals. Music critics can have a lot of influence on a musician’s success.

Musical criticism, branch of philosophical aesthetics concerned with making judgments about composition or performance or both.. Musical criticism is about what is going on in the musical world at the moment. If he has a very good review people will think he must be good and they will all want to hear him.

Therefore, he or she needs to be a good interviewer, communicator and writer . When people write about the history of music or compare musical styles, this is called musicology. To support his early musical career, Tchaikovsky took work as a music critic.

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A music critic is someone who writes about concerts that have taken place or new music that has been written. What they write is called musical criticism.

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