Education System. However, Morocco received low scores in the categories of personal freedom, health, education, and the natural environment. Education System . Culture.

Government efforts to increase the availability of education services have led to increased access at all levels of education. The education system in Morocco has achieved important progress in terms of increasing access to education but has still a long way to go on quality. Coronavirus is shutting down schools and affecting learning opportunities for over 1.5 billion children and youth around the globe.
General Information. As the country grew economically in recent years, it became increasingly clear that the education system had a role to play as a true catalyst for social and economic development. The education system in Morocco has undergone several reform and unification programmes in an effort to reduce regional differences in quality and standards, and to ensure universal access to education throughout the country. [September 2020] Morocco implements the 4-year Bachelor system in Higher Education instead of the current 3-year system. A girl is doing her homework near her brother in a shanty town in Sale, near Rabat. Our educational system needs reconsideration not only in schools layout, but also in hiring the right people. Since Morocco’s independence in 1956, its education system has typically been described as frustrating and disappointing. So much so, that from 1956 to

Keywords: Morocco, reform, education, school, system 1. Browse by country. Leaving Certificate: Certificat de Fin d’Etudes de l’Enseignement Fondamental Secondary Education (L’Enseignement Secondaire). Progress and Completion in Education.

Retrieved from Ministry of National Education, March 2006. Is virtual learning the solution? The Moroccan public education system spans the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Nonetheless, millions of young Moroccans either never attend school; drop out along the way; or study for years only to graduate still functionally illiterate. Education and Literacy. The secondary cycle of school studies in Morocco is three years in duration and is open to students who have successfully completed nine years of basic education. Primary education Today, Morocco has 9 year basic education, between ages 6 and 15. By: Naoual Bekkioui, Advanced 3 Introduction In the past few decades, a lot of efforts have been done to improve the education system in Morocco. Al-Qarawiyin University at Fès, founded in 859, is reputed to be the oldest university in the world; it was reorganized in 1962–63 as an Islamic university, supervised by the Ministry of Education. Morocco’s 2011 constitution specifies that the state, public institutions, local authorities, and families should work toward facilitating citizens’ and, in particular, children’s equal access to education, vocational training, physical education, and art. The education system in Morocco is composed of pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary levels. After Morocco gained independence in 1956, this system was instrumental in producing an urban elite that was fluent in both Arabic and French and helped build the country’s institutions. (October 4, 2018 / Israel Hayom) King Mohammed VI of Morocco has ordered to ‎incorporate Holocaust studies into the country’s ‎‎education system, Moroccan news website Le Desk ‎reported on Wednesday.. Morocco. Analysis of the Morocco’s education and training system: efficiency and employment challenges This report was produced by Alain Mingat (Consultant, OSHD), André Francis Ndem (Education Economist, OSHD) and Borel Anicet Foko Tagne (Education Economist, OSHD). Leaving Certificate: Certificat de Fin d’Etudes de l’Enseignement Fondamental Secondary Education (L’Enseignement Secondaire). Science, Technology and Innovation. We can cite particularly, the creation of the Special Committee on Education and Training (COSEF), the reform projects initiated respectively in 1975, 1985, 1995 and the National Charter projects initiated… Morocco has a multi-party system. The academic year begins in September and ends in June. Many such schools are Koranic, in towns and cities private schools offer a form of advanced kindergarten. Browse by country.
This is a system where many parties in the political field get to run for elections in a country. Education and Literacy. Progress and Completion in Education. Here are five facts about education in Morocco. Retrieved from Ministry of National Education, March 2006. Participation in Education .

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