This wedding is just a big joyful banquet to celebrate their marriage.

Traditional & modern Chinese wedding is what Wendy of  Asian Fusion Weddings  and Carmen of  Devoted to You  put together two aesthetically pleasing setups that blend Chinoiserie with wedding design. Modern Chinese weddings combine elements of a traditional Chinese marriage culture with those of a western wedding.
It’s a big frenzy.

Modern Chinese Wedding Modern weddings that are based on tradition can almost be as elaborate as in the past. The Predicament of the Modern Chinese Wedding: Setting the Stage. There’s so much going on when you break it down that regardless if you’re the guy, girl, family member or wedding company, there’s pressure when talking about marriage.

A modern Chinese wedding.

In fact, bride and bridegroom have completed their marriage registration at the local Bureau of Civil Affairs weeks before this elaborate ceremony.

The Chinese Wedding Banquet. We asked producer Wendy all about the inspiration behind the two concepts and how they reflect modern and traditional frameworks.

After a ceremony in Shanghai, this couple had a gorgeous reception in Toronto. Leave a Comment.
The Modern Chinese Wedding Ceremony and Banquet Modern Chinese Wedding Ceremonies.

On the day of the wedding, as guests arrived, they were greeted with cookies dressed in the traditional qipao and … However, the current context of traditional practices have been streamlined. Michelle Li & Hans Ni.

Men face a few hurdles to overcome. Many Chinese people living abroad still follow tradition and choose an auspicious time and day for their wedding. The wedding banquet is a lavish affair lasting two or more hours.

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