EPA sets rules and guidance to help prevent noise pollution.

Make the complaint to the Court. Noise nusiance in Council properties: If your noise complaint is coming from a Council property, please visit our antisocial behaviour page to contact the team there.

If you have another complaint you would like to lodge with Council, call Customer Service on 9747 7200. Report a noise nuisance.

What is meant by ‘statutory nuisance’? If you’re annoyed by a noisy neighbour, try to talk to them first. You can also report residential noise to the police or your local council. Details about our local laws Local Law Permits. Give notice to the person responsible for the noise that you intend to make a complaint to the Magistrates' Court. To report a nuisance that falls under these regulations, contact our Environmental Health Officer on 9747 7200. Report a noise nuisance.
EPA gives guidance to help prevent noise pollution. It is helpful if some indication of the effect of the noise can be included, for example, "so loud I couldn't hear my own TV". We investigate noise complaints and set noise restrictions and regulations that businesses must follow. Noise from outdoor venues.

The Noise Control Centre - Online store selling acoustic and noise control products. Nathaniel Spiers was in … A teenager who stayed up all night drinking threatened to kill a council worker after the noise of his grass trimmer spoiled his morning lie-in. An Out of Hours Permit is required to conduct building works outside of the permitted hours outlined in the Activities Local Law 2019.

Councilwoman Aimee Melton, who voted against that ordinance, has said she could reconsider her position on the tax once the council has approved the regulations. How to reduce noise from your business. Statutory nuisance is often described as an unreasonable … Entertainment venue noise. To ensure that we do not put you or our officers at risk, we will only visit complainants and individuals alleged to be causing noise problems in cases where we believe it is safe for us to do so. We investigate commercial and industrial noise. Outdoor venue noise and event permits. Nathaniel Spiers was in …

Quick links to permit forms Parking.

The Environmental Protection Act 1970 regulates noise from residential premises – find out more about noise time restrictions.

Report abandoned, roadside selling and recreational vehicles Naturestrips.

Noise from commercial and industrial sites.

... General local law. A teenager who stayed up all night drinking threatened to kill a council worker after the noise of his grass trimmer spoiled his morning lie-in.
Give evidence at the court hearing. Melton City Council is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation. Parking restrictions, fines and disabled parking permits Vehicles. Hoons Acoustic materials for use in automotive, home cinema and recording studios.

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