A Game-Theoretic Interpretation of Marcel Mauss"The Gift' ROBERT RIDER* California State University, San Marcos This article proposes that a game theoretic interpretation can be made of Marcel Mauss' The Gift. Marcel Mauss’ “The Gift” (1925) is one of the most influential pieces of anthropology written in the twentieth century. This paper will briefly review his arguments and discuss some critiques that arose from his ideas. The Gift: The Forms and Functions of Exchange in Archaic Societies by Marcel Mauss highlights the concept of gift-giving and reciprocity in several societies. It explores the economies of pre-capitalist cultures and peoples from several different parts of the world, including Melanesia, Polynesia, and the Pacific Northwest. It explores the economies of pre-capitalist cultures and peoples from several different parts of the world, including Melanesia, Polynesia, and the Pacific Northwest. Mauss examines gifts and giving across several cultures from American Indians, Asian Indians, Polynesian Islanders to Ancient Romans. Marcel Mauss is not entirely without blame for this. His paper explores the exchange of gifts with reference to Polynesian societies and other primitive societies. It is a work of notoriously scattershot brilliance; but, as a result, the essay has become a kind of screen for the projection of every sort of fantasy. Durkheim’s attention and support paid off. Marcel Mauss’ “The Gift” (1925) is one of the most influential pieces of anthropology written in the twentieth century. Marcel Mauss was Emil Durkheim’s nephew and protégé. Catherine Lucas: January 2012 Marcel Mauss: The Gift: The Form and Reason for Exchange in Archaic Societies A Critical Review Introduction This essay will critically explore Mauss’ theories and findings relating to gift reciprocation, honour, and the concept of ‘free’ or ‘pure’ gifts without agenda. There was room for only one leader of the movement, so we speak of the Durkheimians and the Marxists. In THE GIFT, Mauss ponders The Big Idea. Marcel Mauss: In Pursuit of the Whole. Throughout the book, Mauss repeatedly states that gifts given on various occasions among people in Polynesia and in the American Northwest have to be reciprocated. In Polynesian groups, gift giving is ruled by the concept of mana. Marcel Mauss was careful to distinguish "gift economies" (reciprocity) in market-based societies from the "total prestations" given in non-market societies. A Review Essay KEITH HART Anthropology, Goldsmiths University of London Emile Durkheim assembled a team to promote his vision for sociology, but he and Mauss were in many ways a double act, like Marx and Engels. The Gift is surely the most misunderstood work in the history of anthropology. The Gift summary Marcel Mauss In the book “The Gift” Marcel Mauss discusses a system of exchange and obligation which exists in several societies in the form of potlatch or the system of total services. A prestation is a service provided out of a sense of obligation, like "community service". The essay is an exploration of gift exch In this expanded edition of Marcel Mauss seminal work, Jane I. Guyer's translation and annotations provide important contributions to the restoration of Mauss' original framework.

Marcel Mauss (1925) elucidates the deep significance of gifts and gift giving in the first chapter of The Gift. One learns, in other words, about Marcel Mauss the man and the thinker, and these two aspects are rather well-meshed (but more about this below). The idea of reciprocal giving may be the primary act of all individual human relationships and all societies. In the process of doing so I will incorporate the… The results provide support for the claim that the institution of reciprocity is a socially stabilizing exchange mechanism.

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