In most objects, electrons spin in different, random directions.

Atoms in turn are made up of electrons and other particles (neutrons and protons). Magnetism is an invisible force or field caused by the unique properties of certain materials.

This causes them to cancel each other out over time. The data is stored on the disc in the form of magnetic patterns. At the heart of a computer hard drive is a spinning disc with a magnetic surface. Magnets on BBC Bitesize. The north pole of a magnet points roughly toward Earth's north pole and vice-versa. The term comes from knowing that a magnet can create an electric current and an electric current produces magnetism. All objects in the universe are made up of units called atoms. A magnet creates an invisible area of magnetism all around it called a magnetic field. In magnets the molecules are uniquely arranged so that their electrons spin in the same direction. A computer’s hard drive is used to store data such as emails, pictures and movies.
However, magnets are different. That's because Earth itself contains magnetic materials and behaves like a gigantic magnet. Magnetism happens when tiny particles called electrons behave in a certain way. Useful Websites. Magnetism for kids: a computer hard drive relies on magnetism. We hope it is nice and clear and that you’ll be a super kid in all things magnetism when you’re asked about it! The electrons spin around the atom’s nucleus, which contains the other particles. So, there’s everything you need to know about magnetism. Magnetism Quiz

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