In stark contrast to his opponent, Mr Macron does not see France shut off from immigration in the future.

Legal basis. In early November, President Emmanuel Macron rolled out strict new measures that fundamentally change the face of immigration to France.

Emmanuel Macron on immigration. Emmanuel Macron, head of the political movement En Marche !, or Onwards !, and candidate for the 2017 French presidential election, visits the INRIA in … A forward-looking and comprehensive European immigration policy, based on solidarity, is a key objective for the European Union. When French President Emmanuel Macron last month announced a tougher stance on immigration, he immediately faced a backlash from within his own party. By framing immigration as a problem for the working class – a scourge on the same level as unemployment and poverty – Macron is echoing the classic narrative of the far right.

Some on the left of Macron’s party have ... with promises of a more humane asylum policy. Bill has received criticism from French president’s party and NGOs.

On Monday 23 April, after 60 hours of debate and amendments, France’s National Assembly passed a controversial immigration reform law.

Here are some of the key points in the program of Emmanuel Macron, a centrist candidate in France's presidential election on April 23 and May 7. Emmanuel Macron has suggested discussing the introduction of immigration quotas in nationwide debates that begin on Tuesday in an attempt to … But opposition figures and human rights groups say the measures go too far. Macron is relying on a new and controversial law to fix France's dysfunctional immigration policy and hopefully prevent a similar fate.

Mr Macron …

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik. In Madrid, Macron and Sánchez see eye to eye on EU immigration policy Heads of France and Spain produce eight-point document detailing views on how to solve migrant crisis. French President Emmanuel Macron ... Macron proposes tougher migration policies. Macron’s policies on Europe, trade, immigration and defence ... What do the policy commitments from the president-elect’s campaign say about the direction in … When French President Emmanuel Macron last month announced a tougher stance on immigration, he immediately faced a backlash from within his own party. But today, Macron seems determined to tighten French immigration law as the government argues that stricter controls are needed to check the rise of anti-immigration populists.

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