in a column, you can use an array formula based on INDEX and MATCH, together with LEN and MAX. Chemical synthesis of prednisone was first reported by introduction of the two double bonds in ring A by 2,4-dibromination of the 3-ketone and dehydrobromination, but the yields were only 10-15%.

The Length (LEN) function is used to return the length of each string in an array.

First, the formula to find the longest string in a column works with the coordination of 4 formulas.

Sodium acetate is a chemical that can be supercooled, meaning it can remain a liquid below its normal freezing point. Though these formulas are found to be very hard to learn and understand, very necessary to solve the reaction. To score good marks in chemistry, students have to memorize the chemical formula by heart. One of the main job of this protein is to provide flexibility, structure and stability to Sarcomeres's cell structures. A (long) long list of chemical compounds and their names. Definition. The rare member Buergerite contains three O atom s and one F atom in place of the OH radical .

But yeah It's really long.

Longest Formula One Racing Circuits In The World. The format for the chemical formula is based on the reported formula from the literature source for the mineral. In English, it has an identity of a Longest Word of 189,819 Characters .

Re: Longest Formula Ever Originally Posted by Tony Valko I didn't goto the link (Ozgrid is one of the ugliest websites I've ever seen) but that formula looks like it's one of those "words to numbers/numbers to words" functions that are popular in Asia.

To find the longest string (name, word, etc.) Chemical formulas can be quite simple sometimes as H (Hydrogen), or it can take a rather complicated form, such as CH 3 CH 2 OH (ethanol). Titin's Chemical Name (Full Form) of 189,819 is shown Below :-. Please if you have a heart answer this: NaHCO3 + HC2H3O2---> NaC3H3O2 … Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Pour supercooled sodium acetate onto a surface and it will solidify as you watch, forming towers and other interesting shapes.

The chemical formula is closely matched to the mineral's crystallographic unit cell dimensions and "Z" value. In the example shown, the formula in F6 is:

This protein plays an important role in muscles the body uses for movement (skeletal muscles) and in heart (cardiac) muscle. Sebring International Raceway in Florida, the longest Formula 1 raceway in the U.S. and second longest in the world. The 16-mile road circuit in Pescara, Italy is the longest to have held a Formula One Grand Prix race. For example, the length of the word “Old” is 3, as it contains 3 characters. The longest word in English has 189,819 letters and would take you three and a half hours to pronounce correctly. It’s the chemical name of Titin (or connectin), a giant protein. && It's 10 points extra credit && I need help badly. This further expands the formula to: (Na,Ca) (Mg,Li,Al,Fe 2+, Fe3+) 3 (Al,Mg,Cr) 6 (BO 3) 3 Si 6 O 18(OH,O,F)4. The amazing part of this reaction is initiating crystallization. Okay so I understand how to do chemical equations; just not this one because it's not normal. In many cases, the formula is base on the structural interpretation of the mineral, especially the silicates. A Buergerite molecule also contains an Fe atom that is in a 3+ oxidation state. It’s the chemical name of Titin (or connectin), a giant protein.

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