18. 318-22. JF - The Classical Quarterly. Y1 - 2005. JO - The Classical Quarterly. T1 - Lions in Paradise: lion similes in the Iliad and the lion cubs of Il. The Classical Quarterly. 18. By studying these “beast-similes”, Clarke hopes to reveal their influence on the depiction of heroes throughout the poem, as well as the poem’s theme of heroism. EP - 342. PY - 2005. 318-22. SN - 0009-8388. VL - 55 (2) SP - 335.

ER - Alden M. Lions in Paradise: lion similes in the Iliad and the lion cubs of Il. Just by opening the book in a random place the reader is undoubtedly faced with one, or within a few pages. M3 - Article. LIONS IN PARADISE:1 LION SIMILES IN THE ILIAD AND THE LION CUBS OF IL. Analysis of Similes in the Iliad In the Iliad, Homer finds a great tool in the simile. AU - Alden, Maureen. of the full similes'0 of the Iliad occur in battle scenes; it is significant that in the Aeneid, which has roughly half the number of similes of the Iliad, less than half occur in battle scenes"1. 18.318-22 Achilles mourning for Patroclus is compared to a lion which grieves when it returns to find its cubs have been stolen by a deerhunter ('Aar lq6Aos):2 the lion is grief-stricken and sets out to track down ('xvt' WpEvv)3 the hunter who has stolen its young (1. simile, so that the emphasis seems to be on the strength, courage, and aggression that all of them share (lion and boar: 5.782f=7.256£, 11.292-95, 12.41£; lion, … Michael Clarke, in his article “Between Lions and Men: Images of the Hero in the Iliad” (1995), explores the true meaning behind Homeric similes, specifically those relating men and beasts.

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