He helped pioneer psychometric testing, longitudinal study methodology, and research on intelligence. LEWIS MADISON TERMAN January 15, i8jj-December 21, 1956 BY EDWIN G. BORING IEWIS MADISON TERMAN, for fifty years one of America's staunchest-J supporters of mental testing as a scientific psychological tech-nique, and for forty years the psychologist who more than any other was responsible for making the IQ (the intelligence quotient) a

Terman-McNemar test of mental ability - a group intelligence scale. The test is still in use today and remains one of the most widely used intelligence tests. Definition (intelligence, Artificial Intelligence) American psychologist Lewis M. Terman and Edward L. Thorndike differed over the definition of intelligence, Terman stressing the ability to think abstractly and Thorndike emphasizing learning and the ability to give good responses to questions. the measurement of intelligence an explanation of and a complete guide for the use of the stanford revision and extension of the binet-simon intelligence scale by lewis m. terman professor of education leland stanford junior university The Lewis Terman Study Longest longitudinal study that studied the rate of success of gifted people. The biographical profile of Lewis Madison Terman, focusing on his/her contributions to the development of intelligence theory and testing. He was raised on an Indiana farm and, after an early career as a schoolteacher and high school principal, received his doctorate in psychology from Clark University in 1905. Lewis Terman later revised the scale and standardized the test with subjects drawn from an American sample and the test became known as the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales. Results showed that many went on to be successful, but they also needed more than just intelligence to … In 1917, as the United States mobilized its vast resources for the war against Germany, Professor Lewis Terman of Stanford University traveled east to meet with a group of prominent psychologists. Psychology Class Notes > Intelligence. Lewis Terman (1877–1956) was arguably one of the most influential psychologists in history (Winkler and Jolly 2013). 2  Binet-Simon Intelligence Scale 1  Stanford-Binet IQ Test 2  Lewis M. Terman was a psychologist who developed some of the earliest and most successful measures of individual differences. Terman, Lewis Madison: Lewis Madison, U.S. psychologist, 1877-1956.

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