Revise vocabulary from 2019 OCR and WJEC lists and many others. This is a vocabulary tester for all the vocabulary from all the checklists in Cambridge Latin Course Book 1. Book II is full colour throughout, with a clear layout of stories and language notes. Practising the Language. Book II ~ Materials. Frequently Asked Questions. Highlight problem words. Print paper vocab tests for classes. Links to many other Romano-British people, places and activities are to be found in Stages 13-16 in Book II, and throughout Book III. minutes for test: no limit. NB: the stories are now set in the past. Learn vocabulary test cambridge latin book 2 with free interactive flashcards. by Bretoc Latin. Welcome to Egypt...welcome to Alexandria, one of the greatest and most dazzling cities in the Roman Empire. vocabulary testers, dictionaries. Choose from 500 different sets of vocabulary test cambridge latin book 2 flashcards on Quizlet. Prompt Language. That's where core vocabulary comes into the picture. It produces the result of the test, … Cambridge Latin Course. by deactivated user Latin. For Books I, II, III, IV and V you can: explore stories (see example image), test your vocab, use a dictionary, practise the language and. by samuel.b.chua Latin. Create, print, download, save and share custom lists and results. Through the next four Stages we experience the sights and sounds of this vibrant city in flash-back through the vivid memories of Quintus who stayed here with Barbillus, a family-friend, before travelling to Britain. If you're going to learn any Latin vocabulary (and let's face it, you're here, aren't you? Cambridge Latin Course - Book 1. by lareligieuse Latin. Activities for vocabulary revision and language practice: Test your Vocabulary is against the clock and can be set to all words in this stage, up to this stage, etc. Your core words are the most important ones in the language - the most basic bricks you'll need to build up your language skills. In Roman times, slavery was regarded as a normal and necessary part of life; indeed, many of the characters we've met in the stories so far have been slaves, including Grumio, Clemens and Melissa. Book II, Stage 17 ~ Alexandria . OCR GCSE Latin Vocabulary Tester This vocabulary tester contains all the vocabulary in the vocabulary list for the OCR Latin (9-1) GCSE (J282) The GCSE Latin Tester has been updated for the new OCR specification. It is completely automated, and allows pupils to regularly test themselves without the pressure of a formal test. Cambridge Latin Course Book 2 Student's Book by Cambridge School Classics Project, 9780521644686, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Featuring a glossary for quick reference and comprehension questions, the book also includes a full explanation of language points and grammar practice exercises. This is a vocabulary tester for all the vocabulary from all the checklists in Cambridge Latin Course Book 1. Test your vocabulary. OCR Latin GCSE Higher Tier Defined Vocabulary List. WJEC Units 9521 & 9524 Latin Vocabulary Tester. from: Latin to English. Cambridge Latin Course Book 2. by Bretoc Latin. by MinnieMinx4 Latin. The version of the vocabulary tester for the retired specification will remain available from the navigation bar. The Stories. by wavey_jade Latin. Funded by the UK Department for Education, and produced in conjunction with Granada Television and CUP, the CLC E-Learning Resources on DVD each provide 1,000 electronic activities, including specially commissioned videos, for CLC Unit 1 and 2. It produces the result of the test, … This requires the detailed study of prose and verse literature, inspiring and motivating learners to gain a deeper understanding of the life and culture of the ancient world. It is completely automated, and allows pupils to regularly test themselves without the pressure of a formal test.

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