High pressure gasses are used in tandem with the laser beam, and the cutting head moves along the material to create an exothermic reaction. There is a relationship between the laser power, cutting quality, cutting speed, and cutting thickness. This leaves a high-quality surface edge and more precise cuts using less energy than comparable metal processing techniques. We ensure customers always receive the highest quality products and superior customer service by leveraging our over 15 years of experience in laser cutting and committing ourselves fully to honesty and transparency. We cut most metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and nickel. It has the characteristics of fast cutting speed and high cutting quality. Metal Laser Cutting Benefits Laser cutting is a manufacturing process which can eliminate the need for machining on many engineering jobs, enabling you to save money on manufacturing costs. Call us at 800-870-6382 to discuss your laser tube cutting needs today! Get a quote for your job in seconds . In recent years, optical fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used to make metal laser cutting more convenient and efficient. Laser Cutting Metal Services From Accubeam As an industry leader in innovative tooling and processes, Accubeam understands how to offer customers the greatest product value. Platinum metals are cut by the CO 2 laser as well as solid-state lasers, whereas for gold and silver, pulsed or q-switched YAG lasers are the tool of first choice as wavelengths of solid-state lasers are better absorbed. You need to analyze and compare data of different configurations of lasers (power, core diameter) and cutting head (focusing and expanding beam ratio, focusing method) and data such as air pressure, focal length, and moving speed to obtain a set of systematic cutting data through experiments. M & K Metal’s 3 axis laser cutting machines can produce complex and accurate features on tubes of all shapes and sizes. DNE Laser is an enterprise dedicated to the research and development of laser cutting equipment. We have provided rapid precision metal laser cutting services specializing in sheet metal cutting and fabrication, and … Use our online quoting system to get instant pricing and order your parts online, or contact us for a quote on more specialized jobs. Laser cutting machine is a kind of equipment that can partially replace traditional metal cutting method. From prototype to production, we can meet, and in most cases exceed, all of your metal fabrication requirements, including engineering and R & D. The Laser Cutting Company is a woman-owned business and Michigan’s first all-laser facility specializing in automotive, aircraft and mechanical components.

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