A resort district of San Diego, California, on the Pacific Ocean. La Jolla synonyms, La Jolla pronunciation, La Jolla translation, English dictionary definition of La Jolla. La jolla definition, a resort area in San Diego, in S California. Definition of la jolla in the Definitions.net dictionary. What does la jolla mean? The origin of how La Jolla (pronounced as La-HOY-a) got its name and history are unclear. Meaning of la jolla. n. They love their home, and for very good reason. Scripps Institute of Oceanography and the Salk Institute are located in the area. They love their home, and for very good reason. Information and translations of la jolla in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Some believe La Jolla to be snobbish, but the community members are simply very dedicated to their community and its improvement. See more. The coastal community is often mistakenly referred to as San Diego’s ‘Jewel’. The only thing that is certain is that “La Jolla” is not Spanish for “The Jewel”. Scholars who researched La Jolla’s origin found no concrete answer to the meaning of La Jolla or exactly where it comes from.

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