These semi-aquatic, flightless hunters can thrive in nearly any climate, from the tropics to the tundra. They are serially monogamous. The penguin life cycle is fascinatingly intricate, especially that of emperor penguins. King penguins do not mate for life. Conservation status. Ecologists maintain that there are between one million and two million breeding pairs worldwide, and this number is increasing. In the month of March, they travel 90-100 km inland in search of the ‘perfect site’ for breeding. Penguins are some of the most unusual birds on earth. King penguins are unique when it comes to their courtship and breeding cycle compared to other penguin species. Come learn about their life cycle, how it begins and how they go from a small egg to a big, flightless bird. Magellanic penguins are the most prevalent penguin species found in South America, with some of the largest colonies in the continent found at Isla Magdalena in the Magellanic Straits of Chile (estimated population: 120,000) and Punta Tombo in Argentina (estimated population: 400,000). King penguins are the second largest of the penguin species (after the Emperor penguin), on average they are around 15kg (33lb) and 95cm (3.1ft) high. Magellanic penguin life cycle. King penguins have a maximum life span of 26 years in the wild and 41 years in captivity. The IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species ranks the king penguin as a species of least concern. They couple with a different mate each year but are monogamous for that season. In fact, the king penguin breeding cycle typically lasts fourteen to sixteen months. Like many penguins, fully grown but unfledged chicks can appear to be larger than the adult birds. All of them come on bare ground to lay eggs, while the Emperor penguins lay eggs on ice. Larger penguin species like King Penguin can breed twice in three years as they have 16 months of breeding cycle, whereas a little penguin can breed anytime throughout the year. They are serially monogamous. Emperor penguins are the largest of all penguins, but they start out as little eggs. These birds are one of the few animal species that can live and breed in frigid Antarctica. Most king penguins take three to eight years to reach sexual maturity and they also have the longest breeding cycle of any penguin species on the planet.

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