- King David I (1084-1153) The last of the four sons of Malcolm Canmore and Queen (later Saint) Margaret to become King of Scotland, David was sent (together with his sister) to the Norman English court of William II at the age of nine and spent over 30 years there. He was the last male of the House of Bruce.Although David spent long periods in exile or captivity, he managed to resist English attempts to annex his kingdom, and left the monarchy in a … Summary: When King David 1 of Scotland became king, he made many changes to the country which were based on the English/Norman form of governance. His reign was marked by costly intermittent warfare with England, a decline in the prestige of the monarchy, and an increase in the power of the barons.

On July 17, 1328, in accordance with the Anglo-Scottish peace Name: King David I of Scotland Father: Malcolm III, King of Scotland Mother: Margaret, daughter of Edward the Aetheling son of Edmund II of England Relation to Elizabeth II: 25th great-grandfather House of: Canmore Born: c. 1080/85 Ascended to the throne: April, 1124 Married: Matilda, daughter of Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon, 1113/14 Children: son Henry (died 1152) David established Norman law in Scotland, set up the office of chancellor, and began the feudal court He also reorganized Scottish Christianity to conform with continental European and English usages and David of Scotland, 8th Earl of Huntingdon (d. 1219) was a Scottish prince. In 1123, David succeeded his brother Alexander as king of Scotland. He was born as the youngest son of Malcolm III of Scotland and Margaret of Wessex, and in spite of being a prince his early life was fraught with difficulties. Discover the family tree of David of Scotland for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry.

However, this didn't mean that David was devoted to peace with the English throne and, when his uncle Henry 1st died, David entered England with plans to annex English land for Scotland. He admitted into Scotland an Anglo-French (Norman) aristocracy that played a major part in the later history of the kingdom. David II (5 March 1324 – 22 February 1371) was King of Scotland for nearly 42 years, from 1329 until his death in 1371. He was probably the eighth son of King Malcolm III, and certainly the sixth and youngest born by Malcolm's second wife, Margaret of Wessex. In 1100, his sister (Maud in Scotland but Matilda in England) married William II's son Henry, who became king in the same year. He was the youngest surviving son of Henry of Scotland, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon and thereby grandson of the King of Scots David I. Huntingdon was granted to him after his elder brother William ascended the throne. David I was a 12th century king who ruled over Scotland from 1124–1153. David I or Dabíd mac Maíl Choluim (Modern: Daibhidh I mac [Mhaoil] Chaluim; [1] 1083 x 1085 – 24 May 1153) was a 12th-century ruler who was Prince of the Cumbrians (1113–1124) and later King of the Scots (1124–1153). David was born on a date unknown in 1084 in Scotland. David's son John succeeded him to the earldom. He was deeply religious, overseeing a religious revival and organising the building of many abbeys and monasteries. David I, one of the most powerful Scottish kings (reigned from 1124). King David's Time IT was a golden age for Scotland. The 12th century was an era when we finally became a nation, earned the respect of the rest of Europe - and learned how to live with the English instead of constantly fighting them. David II, king of Scots from 1329, although he spent 18 years in exile or in prison. He was the grandson of the ill-fated King Duncan I. Name: King David II of Scotland Father: Robert I, The Bruce Mother: Elizabeth de Burgh Relation to Elizabeth II: 18th great-granduncle House of: Bruce Born: March 5, 1324 at Dunfermline, Fife Ascended to the throne: June 7, 1329 aged 5 years Crowned: November 24, 1331 at Scone Abbey, Perthshire Married:(1) Joan of England, July 17, 1328 Married:(2) Margaret Drummond, February 20, 1364 As King of Scotland from 1124, he was much more successful, ruling with firmness, justice, and charity.

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