Kidnapping Stella Review | That Moment In Kidnapping Stella is a 2019 thriller about a kidnapped woman and her efforts to derail the plans of two masked abductors. Kidnapping Stella begins with the shopworn montage of the bad guys buying then installing all the equipment they need to pull off their crime. Then, a step-by-step of how the abduction of the titular character is undertaken. Kidnapping Stella  is well-made, but its familiarity robs it of suspense and surprise, making a recommendation difficult. But it doesn't work hard enough to justify its existence. There's the "alpha" bad guy and the bad guy who seems like he's getting cold feet. For the most part, these changes are improvements. Some important plot points have changed---in a few cases, dramatically.

As others have mentioned, Kidnapping Stella is indeed based on The Disappearance of Alice Creed, but this fact is clearly stated in the end credits if you bother to sit through them. It's NOT a full remake. In the wordless opening scene of  Kidnapping Stella, two men, one older, heavier, and hairier, the other younger, fairer and lighter, kidnap Stella (Jella Haase). Kidnapping Stella can be visually dynamic, and it boasts a couple of whopper twists.

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