Poem Hunter all poems of by Karin Boye poems. Half awake the summer night broods quietly on dreams that no one knows. HIDDEN LANDS (1924) The Way Home; The Stars; Hush Now; Evening Stillness; …

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She is perhaps most famous for her poems, of which the most well-known ought to be "Yes, of course it hurts" (Swedish: "Ja visst gör det ont") and "In motion" (Swedish: "I rörelse").

The Seven Deadly Sins (1941) The Seven Deadly Sins Sloth Lust Pride Conclusion A Form am I Odysseus At The Mast Be Silent, Have Trust The Trees How can Reliance Live? The poems below are published with kind permission by David McDuff from his book "Karin Boye: Complete Poems". You alone can plumb the secret of the worlds.

The poems below are published with kind permission by David McDuff from his book "Karin Boye: Complete Poems".

12 poems of Karin Boye. For a complete list of the poems by Karin Boye, see the Swedish page. For other translations see the start page for the english translations. Karin Boye was a Swedish poet and novelist.
The rejoicing and the songs fell silent, for Joy overflowed the shores. Christmas 1939 Man's Multiplicity We … For other translations see the start page for the english translations. Morning Song Poem by Karin Boye. Poems by Karin Boye translated to Finnish.

She also wrote a few novels including "Kallocain". About Karin Boye; Work by Karin Boye; Poems; Prose; Water-colours; Around Karin Boye; About the Society; Sales; Translations by Jenny Nunn The following poems have been translated into English by Jenny Nunn in "To a friend": CLOUDS (1922) Inwards; Memory; Spellbound; Nameless; You are my purest comfort. Karin Boye Poems Man's Multiplicity. Poems by Karin Boye has been translated into English by th following translators: David McDuff; Jenny Nunn; Hans Corell; Edwin Klint Bywater; David McDuff has translated the complete poems of Karin Boye in the book "Karin Boye: Complete Poems". Hail to you, Joy, Joy, in your silent, vainglorious smile! Phenomenal Woman, Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams With kind permission by David McDuff, all poems are available below: Clouds; Hidden Lands; The Hearths; For the Tree's Sake; The Seven Deadly Sins; … This is life's silent hour, sunny and blessed, laughing white in power-conscious peace. We were born of mothers of heaven and earth and of powers with no end in view, nocturnal wills and wills of light with names that no one knew.... more » The Nightjar.

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