Ethical implication arise from Kant’s ethics even if this in my opinion is a more logical means that a person should consider in ethical decision making. Kant also thought he had it sorted.

Both present lofty goals for librarians and how we should behave in the face of censorship for young adult literature? Morals must come not from authority or tradition, not from religious commands, but from reason.

2.2 Kants „Selbstzweckformel“ im Überblick. Ross bestimmt den Katalog der prima facie Pflichten unabhängig von einer Theorie des Guten. Kant proposes practical reason, not impulses or desires, to achieve the proper state of human existence. Kant’s ethical would disagree with this completely as If someone lies then it becomes universal law that everyone would have the right to do the same thing. Ross contends that Kant oversimplifies the moral life in a number of distinct ways. Aristotle states that happiness isn’t physical pleasure, but harmonizing the mind with virtue. What feels the best for the most is virtue. Mit der prima facie Pflicht zur Wohltätigkeit hat Ross ein utilitaristisches (bzw. Kant believes that “duty embodies the idea that one should do the right thing in the spirit in the right spirit” (Spinello 24), and Ross adheres to a philosophy that “through reflection on our ordinary moral beliefs we can intuit the rules of morality” (Spinello 26). The primary difference between Mill’s Utilitarianism and Kant’s Deontology is the answer to the question: Do the ends (always or sometimes) morally justify the means? Kants Formel des „Zweckes an sich selbst“ (Selbstzweckformel) lautet wie folgt: „Handle so, daß du die Menschheit sowohl in deiner Person, als in der Person eines jeden andern jederzeit zugleich als Zweck, niemals bloß als Mittel brauchest.“ 7.

Was will uns Kant damit sagen?

Kant, like Bentham, was an Enlightenment man. besser: konsequentialistisches) Element in seine Theorie aufgenommen. As a matter of fact, the concept of "prima facie" duty is - at least in large part - a response to the rigidity of Kantian ethics. Diese Eigenschaft, daß das Rechte unabhängig vom Guten ist, wird oft als Charakteristikum deontologischer Ethik angesehen. The intellectual and emotional parts of the mind create intellectual and moral types of virtue.

There is a lot of disagreement between Aristotle and Kant, which has examples to back the disagreements.
The funny thing is that his answers were almost the opposite of Bentham’s.

Aristotle and Kant have two totally different views on virtue, one being based on the soul and how you character depicts you virtue and the other which is based of the fact that anyone has a chance of being morally good, even bad people.

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