The Waste Land by T.S. The Waste Land opens with a reference to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. In this essay I would like to comment upon the structure as well as the prevalent themes elaborated in the poem. It is instead the time when the land should be regenerating after a long winter. T.S. April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain. This is one of T.S. Essays on The Waste Land. He wrote so many section and explain step-by-step about how the waste land and the problems--troubled religious proposition, transformation, and at the end of the first section, Eliot established waste land as the modern city with some fictional name and described it as desolate, depopulated and inhabited only by ghosts from the past. “The Waste Land” (1922) is one of the most outstanding poems of the 20th century written by the great master Thomas Stearns Eliot. It is a poem of unprecedented artistic breadth and erudition and a representation of the cultural and moral infertility that Eliot saw in the mechanized, passionless urban landscape of the new century.

Though this approach seems to … T. S. Eliot wrote The Waste Land in 1921, as a response to the devastation he saw in society in the wake of World War 1.

Winter kept us warm, covering Earth in forgetful snow, feeding A little life with dried tubers. The Waste Land, is one of the most important modernist poems of the last century.

Previous page The Waste Land Section I: “The Burial of the Dead” page 1 Next section The Waste Land Section II: “A Game of Chess” Popular pages: Eliot’s Poetry. The poem expresses with great power the devastation, decay, futility and despair of the civilization after World War I. In this case, though, April is not the happy month of pilgrimages and storytelling. Eliot’s The Waste Land is an elaborate and mysterious montage of lines from other works, fleeting observations, conversations, scenery, and even languages. Allusions in Eliot Since its publication in 1922, T.S. Critics at the time were divided: some believed it to be deliberately obtuse and unreadable, others “canonized the poem as the exemplar of a kind of high modernism that powerfully depicts and rejects modern life. Eliot’s The Waste Land has been confounding English students and scholars, both the curious and the learned. Plot Analysis MAIN IDEAS; Quotes by Theme QUOTES; Themes MAIN IDEAS; Take a Study Break. Eliot's most revered poems. It was written by Thomas Stearns Eliot and published in 1922. Eliot’s Powerful Use of Fragmentation in The Waste Land T.S. The poem is an amalgam of Western, Hinduist and Buddhist concepts and allusions but integrates elements from many more cultures. Eliot.

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