YMobActus LABO autres outils Top-50 des journalistes sur Twitter . ATTENTION: cette page peut comporter des profils de journalistes qui n'exercent plus pour media:bfmtv. Options : pour de taggé media:bfmtv x et actifs. Youth4Regions – the programme for aspiring journalists Youth4Regions is the European Commission programme helping journalism students and young journalists to discover what the EU is doing in their region. Now, the world’s most influential news organizations and journalists use Twitter for direct dialogue with their readers, viewers, and peers in a way that was never possible during the reign of the newspaper, or even during the early days of web journalism. In Twitter’s early days, skeptics scoffed at the idea that anything useful could be conveyed within the 140 character limit. Classement des profils des journalistes sur le réseau-social Twitter via @YMobActus. Classement des profils des journalistes francophones sur le réseau-social Twitter. European Commission – Regional Policy - Inforegio.

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