He has been saying for years that he’d like JetBlue to fly to Europe, with London a priority. JetBlue Airways, the New York-based low cost carrier, announced on Wednesday that it would begin flying across the Atlantic Ocean, from London to …

JetBlue's nonstop service from New York City and Boston to London will take flight in 2021. In April, JetBlue announced that it would start services from both New York and Boston to London in 2021. Photo: JetBlue. One of America’s top-rated airlines is set to announce transatlantic flights promising “better service and lower fares than anyone”.

All JetBlue routes from our focus cities. JetBlue stated it would use A321LRs on the routes. JetBlue Airways Corp. pumped up speculation that it will announce plans to order long-range aircraft and start trans-Atlantic flights, inviting employees to a special event next month. JetBlue JetBlue will use the new Airbus A321LR for the London flights. On Wednesday, JetBlue made the long-anticipated announcement that it will exercise some of those conversion options, allowing it to begin flying from Boston and New York to London in 2021. Photo: Wikimedia The introduction of the airline’s first premium product, Mint, and JetBlue placing an order for the long-range version of the Airbus A321 only increased speculation regarding flights to Europe. In just 3 days, JetBlue will be holding a special event for employees and members of the media to hold a "chat about JetBlue’s vision and strategy". But before JetBlue makes its debut flight across the Atlantic, it will have to take delivery of the airplane that will make all that possible, one that’s been designed specifically … London flights would operate from JetBlue’s two busiest hubs – New York JFK and Boston – and would be on Airbus A321LR narrowbody jets. JetBlue CEO: Why Not London? Over the last few months, JetBlue has pumped up the speculation that they will announce trans-atlantic flights to London. You can see a list of all JetBlue destinations, find a great deal or explore our network below with the map and list of JetBlue routes. JetBlue said it has been closely watching developments in the United Kingdom as it works to obtain slots in the future for flights to Heathrow and Gatwick airports in the greater London area. Where We Jet . Robin Hayes, a Brit who leads JetBlue, clearly doesn’t want to catch anyone by surprise. What JetBlue said last year about London flights. JetBlue has hired industry veterans with experience in the FAA process, and it will tap outside help, Hayes said.

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