Something like this In Kevin J. Corcoran (ed. "Lonely Souls: Causality and Substance Dualism" (Jaegwon Kim). ... Jaegwon Kim is William Perry Faunce Professor of Philosophy at Brown University.

44. ), , Cornell University Press. States of Affairs, Events, and Propositions. Ithaca: Cornell University Press (2001) Authors Jaegwon Kim Brown University Abstract This article has no associated abstract. We commonly think that we, as persons, have both a mental and a bodily dimension – or, if you prefer, mental aspects and material aspects. He examines several arguments against Cartesian dualism which are based on the criticism that Cartesian dualism cannot plausibly explain just how two things so utterly different as unextended souls and … Lonely souls: Causality and substance dualism. 1 A Response to Jaegwon Kim’s “Lonely Souls: Causality and Substance Dualism” Excluding all formalities and a lengthy introduction I am going to cut to the chase here in this paper. Jaegwon Kim’s essay “Lonely Souls: Causality and Substance Dualism” comes from a philosopher who operates out of the physicalist tradition. States of affairs constitute a basic ontological category in Chisholm's metaphysical system, and yield events and propositions as subclasses. His publications include a number of influential papers on metaphysics and philosophy of mind. 1979. 45. Jaegwon Kim. Summary 1. Unlike some in that tradition, however, he has been very serious about pressing difficulties for otherwise popular forms of physicalism in the area of mental causation.
), Soul, Body, and Survival. In Kevin J. Corcoran (ed. 2001. In "Lonely Souls," Jaegwon Kim takes up just this 2 worry. Lonely Souls: Causality and Substance Dualism.

(fix it) Keywords No keywords specified (fix it) Categories Dualism, Misc in Philosophy of Mind. Jaegwon Kim (born September 12, 1934 - died November 27, 2019) was a Korean-American philosopher who was an emeritus professor at Brown University, but who also taught at several other leading American universities.He is best known for his work on mental causation, the mind-body problem and the metaphysics of supervenience and events. Grazer Philosophische Studien 7 (1): 145-162.

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