il telefono » the phone. Learn about singular and plural masculine Italian nouns and singular and plural feminine Italian nouns. Examples: il professore » the teacher. • Nouns that end in “-ore” are usually Masculine while nouns that end in “-ione” are Feminine. Here is a list of the more common ones. Italian Masculine Feminine Examples.
Italian Nouns.

Most Italian nouns end in a vowel—those that end in a consonant are of foreign origin—and all nouns have a gender, even those that refer to a qualities, ideas, and things. In Italian there are only 2 genders: masculine and feminine. Continuing our odyssey through the weird realm of irregular Italian nouns we come to those that change gender in the plural. There is no a neuter gender. Learn the Gender of Nouns and useful list of Masculine and Feminine words in English with picture and video. Like other Romance languages, Italian has masculine and feminine nouns. Usually, Italian singular masculine nouns end in - o, while feminine nouns end in –a(-tà). • Italian Nouns can be either Masculine or Feminine • Most Italian end in a vowel sound, those that don’t are usually of foreign origins. Gender – a grammatical category of the noun, which reflects the biological category of sex of the noun referent. Italian Articles. In Italian, as well as all the other Romance languages (French, Spanish, etc), all nouns have a gender and a number associated with them. One of the ways to identify the gender of a noun is to check the ending of the word: 1. Nouns ending in "-o": In Italian, the vast majority of nouns ending in "-o" are masculine. This article lists and explains the different endings of masculine and feminine nouns in Italian as well as the plural endings for regular Italian nouns. If you're trying to learn Italian Nouns you will find some useful resources including a course about Nouns and help you with your Italian grammar.Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. "il"-"lo" are the definite article that corresponds to masculine nouns. irregular italian nouns 3: nouns that change gender in the plural. Human beings and common domestic animals have a masculine noun if they are male or a feminine one if they are female. The noun (nome, sostantivo) is the part of the speech indicating any abstract or concrete element.Nouns are always declinable in gender and number.The article has to agree in gender and number with the noun … The article indicates gender (masculine/feminine) and number (singular/plural) of the noun.

Gender of italian nouns. Examples: il libro (the book), lo zaino (the backpack). All nouns have a Gender.

List of Genders of Nouns!

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