Some cuts may have fewer calories, but compared to white meat chicken or turkey, it has far more calories, fat, and cholesterol. I meant pork burgers OR hamburgers . In American English, the word hamburger can refer to the finished burger and also to the ground beef used to make it. Sarcocystis parasites were discovered in 2 hamburgers.” “Fast food hamburgers are comprised of little meat (median, 12.1%). Unexpected tissue types found in some hamburgers included bone, cartilage, and plant material; no brain tissue was present. Relevance. A sandwich made with a patty of ground meat usually in a roll or bun. In British English, hamburger is an informal synonym for beefburger. A patty of such meat. Your Own Personal Jesus. Not wanting to slaughter any more pigs, their butcher suggested they …
Well, it’s not supposed to.

Ground meat, usually beef.

Not wanting to slaughter any more pigs, their butcher suggested they use ground beef, and the idea was born. Log in to reply to the … As others have said, the 'ham' in hamburger does not imply that it includes pork. its from an old town in germany called "hamburg".... quote: middle of the 19th century people in the port city of Hamburg, Germany, enjoyed a form of pounded beef called Hamburg steak.

Hamburger meat usually is made of 70-80% beef and fat and spices. because the word "hamburger" isnt actually meant to mean. 0 0 1. Hamburger meat usually is made of 70-80% beef and fat and spices. Approximately half of their weight is made up of water. b. 1 decade ago. obviously. a burger made out of ham.

2. Favourite answer. Well, it’s not supposed to. They are marked as hamburger inventors after, at a fair in New York, they ran out of pork. And, no, a hamburger does not have any ham in it. 20 Answers. Answer Save.
burg n. 1. a.

Pork is red meat and shares the same high cholesterol and fat content per ounce as beef.

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