Poor PDS’s lead to poor designs. Seven Steps in Product Design Product design may seem like a relatively easy process to many, but there are several steps and processes that need to be taken in order to have a successful design. Investigating and Designing More Research Producing and Implementing Generating and Designing Evaluating References Evaluation of Design Process Peer Feedback To get the best out of the design challenge, the investigation was conducted over a few weeks. These early stages of the design process allow us to define a product need and its users. As can be seen, a major role played by product design is on the differentiation of … Packaging plays a major role in product design as it is the last point of influence and hence the last sales point for the company. This material and documentation is created to inform the designer or design team(s) by outlining salient features, mechanical parameters, technical requirements, and limitations while focusing their creative efforts to achieve targeted results and keep a budget in mind. In the process, you go through different stages repeatedly while evaluating your … It specifies what you want but not how to do it. Seven steps in product design 1. Vulnerability: the risk taken by the operation in adopting a process, product or service. The Design Process (Engineering Design NQF L4) The Specification Phase Product Design Specification (PDS) It is a dynamic, evolutionary and comprehensively written document that can be subject to change.

Defining the Stages of the Design Process Figure 11 : Double Diamond Diagram adapted from British Design Council and Dan Nessler So, how do we build up the elements of a great user experience? Preliminary Design: This is a stage after generating an acceptable, feasible and viable product or service concept, where first attempt of specifying the component products and services in the package and defining the process to create the package is done. User experience design process is an iterative method that helps you continuously improve and polish your designs. Good packaging incorporated in product design can make a huge difference. We’ve moved into the stage where product design dominates — it’s what sets companies apart and gives a real edge over competitors. Whether you’re a designer, developer, product manager, program manager, marketing manager or project manager, it’s essential to understand (and have a reference guide to) the product development process in order to create your best work. It must be comprehensive and unambiguous.

Good PDS’s do not guarantee the best designs but …

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