They want the son to indemnify them out of his own pocket. They agreed to indemnify the taxpayers against any loss. These examples have been automatically … It doesn't have the money to indemnify everybody. Indemnify definition is - to secure against hurt, loss, or damage. Dictionary Term of the Day Articles Subjects BusinessDictionary Business Dictionary Dictionary Toggle navigation.

Definition of indemnify: To protect another person against loss or damage. How to use indemnify in a sentence. The objective of this plan is to make propaganda about the so called genocide, to have it recognised, to obtain indemnity and to acquire land from Turkey.. Venturelaw Blogspot (via good post by rick segal): In a financing, some VCs argue that it is not enough to rely on contractual remedies or to a receive an indemnity from the Company. Examples of 'indemnify' in a sentence indemnify. Indemnify quotes from YourDictionary: Literature is the effort of man to indemnify himself for the wrongs of his condition. : 2. 2. indemnify definition: The definition of indemnify is to protect against loss, injury or damage or to pay someone for a loss they suffered. Sentence with the word Indemnity. 4. You're not signed up ... Use 'indemnify' in a Sentence. Synonym Discussion of indemnify. On February 24, 2012, was finally sentenced to indemnify Heraldo Pereira. Learn more. insurance that protects a company or individual from a financial loss or burden.Examples of indemnity in a sentence. An example sentence would be: It is recommended to indemnify your belongings. There is no certainty that the IHS will be awarded all the costs it incurs and it is adamant that it cannot take part in the tribunal if guarantees of indemnity are not given. indemnify meaning: 1. to protect someone or something against possible damage or loss by paying an indemnity to cover…. Definition of indemnity. It's difficult to see indemnify in a sentence . 1. indemnity plans typically allow you to use any provider you desire. 3. Indemnify has a fairly broad meaning of releasing or protecting from liability. Uh oh! The insurance company will indemnify you for the loss incurred. An indemnity bond is a premium charged by the lender and paid by the customer to insure the lender against a default in mortgage repayments by the borrower. 1 Through Anglo-French mediation Piedmonts war indemnity was reduced from 230,000,000 to 75,000,000 lire, but the question of the amnesty remained. The tenant is legally required to indemnify

32+1 sentence examples: 1. To indemnify is to insure to prevent loss, essentially. The commission recommended that the government indemnify the victims'next of kin.

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