This one was a bit of a challenge (I even had to use a jumper. B3ar over on FSB requested a layout with onboard pots and switches. Couldn't get the swi…

This is a used Improbability Drive from Effector 13. devi ever Improbability Drive ... Devi Ever Ninety fuzz guitar effects pedal demo with Strat ... gearmanndude 11,261 views.

The Improbability Drive is a licensed reissue of one of Devi Ever's earliest and most ambitious circuits built to Infanem standards with greater tonal range and reliability.. As many of you know, I've lent my engineering skills to devi ever : fx on the side for the past few years. Gah!).

Aug 16, 2017 - The Improbability Drive is a knob-tweaker's dream–equal parts, overdrive, fuzz, and science experiement, and gets its name from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. 5:27. Infanem.

The Improbability Drive is the product of the imagination of Ever Was, the 24-year-old proprietor of Effector 1, a company he founded after becoming enamored with the great fuzz players of the late 60s through early 90s.

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