Community radio, by its nature, struggles to access advertising and other forms of financing. It provides diversity for listeners and skills for the commercial radio sector. Community Radio for Change and Development Technology is not the problem The obstacle to the use of communication technology to help marginalized groups to improve their situation lies in a lack of political will, and also in policies that fail to recognize the importance of communication as a social process that can help to bring change and development. This is where the concept of community radio finds its roots: a participatory radio for the people, of the people and by the people. Watch the third episode of our new series and tell us why community radio is important to you. Importance of Community Radio JO TACCHI This is an important book for a number of reasons, not least the way in which it reinforces a link between media, democracy and develop ment.

Communication and Information Sharing. Radio is one sided when it should be two. 13 Simli Radio has served as an important link between GDCP’s other sectors (DNK, Women and Loans and Community Projects) and as such, has promoted the other sectors very well. Request PDF | On Jan 1, 2009, JO TACCHI and others published Importance of Community Radio | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate The importance of community radio. Through its (Simli Radio) strategy of communal listenership, more than 100 communities have formed listeners clubs across the two administrative districts in the Northern Region. Community radio is a crucial part of the South African broadcasting landscape, providing diversity for listeners and much-needed skills for the commercial radio sector. Community radio is an essential part of the South African broadcasting landscape and is still a very pervasive medium, despite the rise of social media. For Broadcasters media update`s Emma Beavon dives into why community radio is so important.

So, here is a positive suggestion: change this apparatus over from distribution to communication. It does this through telling a locally, nationally and internationally significant story of the recent emergence of commu nity radio in India.

It is purely an apparatus for distribution, for mere sharing out. Video Media | 22nd January 2020 | admin “The Radio as an Apparatus of Communication. Watch the whole This Is Community Radio series here .

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