In “Ozymandias,” Shelley describes a crumbling statue of Ozymandias as a way to portray the transience of political power and to praise art’s power of preserving the past. Vocabulary Imagery in Ozymandias The imagery in “Ozymandias” is vivid but limited in scope.

The statue of Ozymandias metaphorically represents power,... 2) Personification: Shelley has used personification that means to use human emotions for inanimate objects. Imagery is an important element of “Ozymandias”. The poem contains one central image: the shattered statue of Ozymandias, the Egyptian king. The narrator of the poem “ Ozymandias ” by Percy Bysshe Shelley tells a story of meeting a man who has traveled in Egypt.

Imagery In “Ozymandias” most of the imagery is created in order to depict the sculpture of Ramesses II and its surroundings. In order to create visual images, the poet uses epithets like: “shatter'd visage” (l. 4), “wrinkled lip” (l. 5), “lifeless things” (l. 7), “lone and level sands” (l. 14). Shelley's poem imagines a meeting between the narrator and a 'traveller' who describes a ruined statue he - or she - saw in the middle of a desert somewhere. "Ozymandias" is not a sonnet heavy on metaphors, but we can locate a few.

For example, the "two vast and trunkless legs" of stone of Ozymandias's statue are a symbol for the futility of human glory.
Imagery posters Create a series of posters around quotations from the poem, as a way of exploring imagery and connotation.

Analysis of Literary Devices in “Ozymandias” 1) Metaphor: There is one extended metaphor used in the poem.

The description of the statue is a meditation on the fragility of human power and on the effects of time.

The entire poem is a recollection of a description given to the speaker of a ruin in the desert.

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