1. Your attitude has slipped.

You have to define what you mean by “work hard”. For your work, your circle of influence is limited to your hard work and attention to details. Don’t let … Watch Queue Queue This video is unavailable. The results, whether your boss likes what you do or not, is out of your control so don’t dwell on it. Most of them aren't content being a corporate cog. Watch Queue Queue. You want to be productive. Do a few crunches, or walk a little bit. I don't understand how everyone who works isn't depressed. Rachel Gillett. Many, many of us work just hard enough to survive.

You want to get things done.

Rewrite or edit your to-do list. 3. You just can’t bring yourself to care—let alone work—let alone work hard. I don't want to dedicate 1/3 of my life to something I don't want to do, but I have no other choice (besides homelessness). The idea of working seems really depressing to me and there doesn't seem to be any other choice than to not work and become homeless (which is also depressing). ... 6 great jobs for smart people who don't want to work too hard.

The next time the “no-work bug” strikes, try these 12 ways of getting things done. You want to feel accomplished! You can’t remember why you’re even doing what you’re doing. In extreme cases, you may want to hire a personal trainer or have a workout buddy to keep you motivated. Trouble is: this can have a terrible impact on your career. And they share this sentiment more strongly than any other generation in history. This is another case where starting small is good. Don't go too hard, or you'll regret it. There are some days when you don’t feel like working, but you still want to do something.
The words "Business Insider". The Task Is Boring, Repetitive, Tedious, Or You Just Don’t Enjoy Doing It At All

It's hard at first, but once you work out, you may not want to stop.

You find yourself totally checked out at work. 2015-09-04T17:17:00Z The letter F. An envelope. Toni Braxton 45,817,401 views I've always hired young people at CHARFEN, and after years of working with them, I realized something: it's not that Millennials don't want to work, they just don't want to do work that doesn't matter. If the definition of hard work means working 18 hours a day, six days a week for 35 straight years, then very few of us are capable of it.

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