Zurich Revolutionary: Ulrich Zwingli from Steven Lawson Oct 08, 2018 Category: Articles Other than Martin Luther , Heinrich Bullinger, and John Calvin, the most important early Reformer was Ulrich Zwingli. Huldrych Zwingli was born on 1 January 1484 in Wildhaus, Switzerland in the Toggenburg valley to a family of farmers, the third child among nine siblings. He was the third of eight sons. Zwingli was born in Wildhaus, St. Gall, Switzerland to a prominent family of the middle classes. [1] Father: Mother: Siblings: Spouse: Anna Meyer (m. Huldrych Zwingli trat 1549 mit der ältesten Tochter von Heinrich Bullinger, Anna Bullinger, vor den Traualtar und übernahm die Pfarrstelle an der Predigerkirche.

Directed by Stefan Haupt. Ulrich Zwingli (1 January 1484 – 11 October 1531) was a leader of the Reformation in Switzerland. ZWINGLI, HULDRYCH (1484 – 1531), Swiss reformer and church leader. [2] Occupation: Works: [3] Von Erkiesen und Fryheit der Spysen (A.D. April 1522) Archi… More resources coming soon! His father, Ulrich, played a leading role in the administration of the community ("Amtmann" or chief local magistrate). He continued his studies while he served as a pastor in Glarus and later in Einsiedeln, where he was … His family lived in Wildhaus, Switzerland, where his father was a farmer and a … Hottinger and Christoffel are translated into English, but the latter without the valuable extracts from Zwingli's writings. The life and thought of Zwingli HULDRYCH ZWINGLI (1484–1531) was born on New Year’s Day, seven weeks after Luther. Born during a time of emerging Swiss patriotism and increasing criticism of the Swiss mercenary system, he attended the University of Vienna and the University of Basel, a scholarly centre of humanism. 4/2/1524). 4/2/1524). [1] Father: Mother: Siblings: Spouse: Anna Meyer (m.

Born into a peasant family in Toggenburg, an Alpine valley in the eastern part of modern-day Switzerland, Zwingli studied at the universities of Vienna and Basel (1498 – 1506), where he was exposed to the major currents that would shape his theology: late medieval Scholasticism and humanism. Biographies of Zwingli by Myconius, Nüscheler, Hess, Rotermund, Schuler, Hottinger, Röder, Tichler, Christoffel (Elberfeld, 1857), and especially Mörikofer: Ulrich Zwingli nach den urkundlichen Quellen, Leipzig, 1867–69, 2 vols. He died aged 47 helping to defend Zurich Switzerland. With Maximilian Simonischek, Sarah Sophia Meyer, Anatole Taubman, Stefan Kurt. Aliases: Born: 1484. His father Ulrich was the chief magistrate in … Zwingli was a Swiss Catholic priest who became an early-on adherent to Martin Luther's call for change in the Church. Aliases: Born: 1484.

ZWINGLI, HULDRYCH (1484 – 1531).

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