Now you can start adding content to your posts and also add dozens of posts.

GitHub action-based blogging. TypeScript ⭐ 42. peaceiris/actions-hugo: GitHub Actions for Hugo This is a GitHub Action to deploy your static files to GitHub Pages This deploy action can be combined simply and freely with Static Site Generators.

Deploying it.

A portable Makefile for continuous delivery with Hugo and GitHub Pages My Makefile for building this site, optimizing images, and running my CI/CD GitHub Actions flow.

Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 0. The content itself is stored in a private GitHub repository.

GitHub Pages using Actions. Creating a Hugo website and setting up a GitHub page is out of scope for this article. The following actions are useful to deploy your site to GitHub Pages using GitHub Actions.

Since then, we’ve grown together. GitHub Actions for Hugo ⚡️ Setup Hugo quickly and build your site fast.

Loading... Unsubscribe from Charles Lee? This Action has been migrated to a TypeScript Action (version 3) The old Docker Action is peaceiris/actions-gh-pages@v2.

Head over to the URL that is printed, and the page will be served! 10 Forks. 0 … Hosting Netlify. This website is based on the Hugo static site generator.

This should start a local Hugo server, which the -D indicating that drafts should be visible. Cancel Unsubscribe. Linux (Ubuntu), macOS, and Windows are supported. … That’s served on a Linux VM running Caddy. October 21, 2019 ☕️ 5 min read ci/cd linux terminal websites Fun fact: I first launched this GitHub Pages site 1,018 days ago. for fun I guess… but automating things that typically take a few steps by hand is fun and I never was a fan of the whole mulit-branch github pages workflow.

GitHub Actions for mdBook (rust-lang/mdBook) ⚡️ Setup mdBook quickly and build your site fast. Apr 15, 2020 1 min read. So, if you can read me, I have successfully used github actions to deploy my hugo built blog from a private repository to my public github pages site. For building and publishing the website, I am going to use actions-gh-pages . When you save a post, the browser will automatically refresh it, so you can see live changes.

(Hugo, MkDocs, Gatsby, GitBook, mdBook, and so on.) Hugo extended, Hugo Modules, Linux (Ubuntu), macOS, and Windows are supported. peaceiris/actions-mdbook. Why? GitHub Actions for GitHub Pages. Static site generation and deployment using Hugo and GitHub Actions Charles Lee. Deploying a Hugo site with Github Actions May 9, 2020 github | automation | deployment | hosting.

A pretty standard setup, but I always felt it was a bit of a hassle to push content to the live website. TypeScript ⭐ 276.

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