The method returns 0 if the string is equal to the other string. The compareTo() method compares a given object or the current instance Comparable interface provides one method compareTo(T o) to implement in any class so that two instances of that class can be compared. The comparison is based on the Unicode value of each character in the strings. The compareTo () method compares two strings lexicographically. Natural ordering of elements is imposed by implementing it’s compareTo () method in the objects. Making your Java objects sortable: the compareTo method. and Name. The compareTo() method compares two strings lexicographically. The compareTo () method compares two strings lexicographically. The following Java compareto method will accept the String data as an argument and compare both the strings to check whether they are lexicographically equal or not. When we print the object, the output will be whatever was implemented in toString(). The comparison is based on the Unicode value of each character in the strings. Method 1: One obvious approach is to write our own sort() function using one of the standard algorithms.This solution requires rewriting the whole sorting code for different criterion like Roll No. The character sequence represented by this String object is compared lexicographically to the character sequence represented by the argument string. String S1 = "abc"; String S2 = "abd"; When we say S1.compareTo(S2); what happens in the background is something like this. Hi, Let me explain you by an example. Java Comparable interface is used to order the objects of the user-defined class. The java.lang.Double.compareTo() is a built-in method in java that compares two Double objects numerically. Description. The compareTo() method of Integer class of java.lang package compares two Integer objects numerically and returns the value 0 if this Integer is equal to the argument Integer; a value less than 0 if this Integer is numerically less than the argument Integer; and a value greater than 0 if this Integer is numerically greater than the argument Integer (signed comparison). The toString method shows all the information from the object. The compareTo() method of Short class is a built in method in Java which is used to compare twoShort objects numerically.. Syntax: public int compareTo(Short otherShort) Parameters: This method accepts a mandatory parameter otherShort which is the Short object to be compared. On the previous page, we saw that to make our objects sortable, we need to make them implement the Comparable interface.This means providing a compareTo() method that will define the order of two instances of a given object. This interface is found in java.lang package and contains only one method named compareTo (Object).

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