Ahhhh early August; When school supplies invades every retail establishment and middle school supply lists can be found in the front of every Walmart.

Learning to take good and thorough notes is one thing all law students should master, and using those notes to study for exams will be the difference between a pass and a fail. Break/Windfall Time •Don’t waste small increments of free time. Copying directly from the book .

I ended up having interviews at all of … Teens often just copy a sentence from the text, not really understanding what it means. Call me a nerd but I love this time of year. Aside from performing well in law school/studying -- it is IMPERATIVE to network. Here, we tell you how to learn your law school outlines.

Bring materials to take notes with. • Talk with classmate about a case or concept • Stop by office hours • Add/Review subtopic in outline • Make a to do list • Make some flashcards / review flashcards • Read and brief a short case Get rid of the excess detail and take notes on the core information. Note-taking is a useful skill for most students, but it's practically pre-requisite for law students. I’ll walk you through the process further down. Other professors may have you participate in an online platform as part of a seminar. School supplies are one of my favorite things to shop for and I can spend an eternity (in the words of my … So many students go into law school exams thinking they understand the materials or “have an idea” of most of the concepts.

Laptop. I would say during my 1L year, I probably studied 60% of the time, and networked the other 40%. That is easier said than done, though. But let's not look too far into the future. Figure out how you take notes most effectively. I love preparing and shopping for the upcoming school year and starting out feeling prepared. Use these materials to take notes during class.

1L summer I ended up at a summer gig with one of the largest banks in the world. Almost everything is done electronically in law school—from note-taking to exams. Get a free consultation with Ann on your own law school admissions journey today. You should be starting your new career as a law student any day now.

Congrats future 1L's! When you attend your contracts law lecture, you will want to bring either a notepad or a computer. Ann Levine is the author of the best selling law school admission guide book: The Law School Admission Game and made admissions decisions at two ABA-approved law schools. I was easily one of the heaviest networkers in my class. Even if you don’t feel comfortable with typing, now is a good time to hone this skill.

To score high on a law school exam, there are … You should be especially happy with your choice, now that legal hiring is finally starting to rebound.Three years from now and you should be living it up as a greedy associate -- or maybe one of those happy lawyers..

In 2004 she founded Law School Expert and has helped thousands of applicants navigate the tough process to get into law school.

Law school supplies checklist: top 10 must-have items 1. While you have the … Here are four tips to help you make the most of your law school lectures and turn a jumble of chicken-scratch into a set … It would be like writing a sentence from a French textbook (even though you don’t speak the … That helped me meet biglaw attorneys at a few firms.

I see this all the time and it drives me nuts! Some professors upload videos of their lectures online. •What can you do in 20-30 minutes: • Review class notes and fill in gaps, re-organize, note questions. Some go in with a false sense of confidence if they have an open-book exam (when in reality, you will not have time to consult your outline or materials very often during the exam!). Some professors will allow computers in class while others will not.

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