Oversized artwork can help balance the scale of an industrial space, while also adding personality and warmth to the interior. Instead, this style relies on using a combination of neutral shades to create a clean look. Use computers to design virtual design models. Start with a neutral color palette. You have to establish a design process that will work with any type of customer and for any type of project. As soon as you start a business, your job is to run the business properly—not to make good design.

Some typical duties of an industrial designer include: Consulting with clients to agree on designs. There are few choices in life more selfish than starting a business. One of the first things you’ll notice about industrial spaces is that there aren’t a lot of bold pops of color.
Determining if a design is practical by evaluating product use, safety, and practicality.
Keep this in mind as you choose your color palette. Think about that for a second. “Art is a key component to adding that final touch of personalization to any space,” says Gretchen Murdock, founder and design director of MODTAGE Design.. “It makes the space unique to the client and helps to create focal points to lead the eye. Demonstrate product use for clients. There are few choices in life more selfish than starting a business—and selfishness is entirely incongruent with a designer’s identity.

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