Here are some of the key factors for a successful mentor-mentee relationship: Research: It is important to choose a mentor carefully to ensure a good start. A mentor-mentee relationship can be a very long term commitment. Getting Your Mentoring Relationship Off to a Good Start Your First Interaction It is recommended that the mentee make the initial contact with his/her mentor, and provide the mentor with such information as a preferred name, or nickname, areas of interest, and any specific reasons for participating in the mentoring program. Start the separation conversation by thanking your mentor for all of her time and effort. “A mentee should have an idea of what they would like to gain from the relationship, but we’ve all been there – when you’re early in your career, you might not know where to start,” notes Ciena’s Williams. Starting Your Relationship.

What are your proudest achievements? 2.

How do you spend your time off? In a good mentoring relationship, this comes automatically as your mentor is someone who cares about your life and business and by default has a "helicopter view" of both of them. Go into in with a long haul mentality and commit to putting in the work. We admire mentee and mentor relationships as a way to foster meaningful connections across demographics and life stages, as well as their influence in […] 2) SITUATIONAL ADVICE Mine your mentor for tangible tips you can apply to current challenges in your day- to-day work life. A lot of mentor-mentee relationships fail because there are no clarified objectives as the basis of the working relationship. It is normal to feel a little nervous as you begin the mentoring process. Here are some tips to get you started. To get started, I recommend that you, as the mentee, come up with your “ideal” relationship. A Mentee's Point of View. Good communication is crucial for a long-lasting mentor/mentee relationship. mentee, mentoring arrangement, mentoring relationship, mentoring best practices, mentoring conversations, mentor meeting preparation, tips to start a mentoring arrangement, start … Think about it - you are very close to your life/business so it is hard for you to get a "helicopter view" of the same. Clarity is the side-effect of a good mentoring relationship. Goal setting and task-focus. Heralded as a necessity, a privilege, and as a boon, the relationship is put on a pedestal for up and coming entrepreneurs and their more seasoned counterparts. One of the keys to a strong mentor- mentee relationship is a solid base of trust, respect and mutual regard, so ask questions that will develop your bond. Ask about your mentor's career. Oh, the mentor/mentee relationship. Seek out a mentor that you want to work with long term. Share your background and professional interests, such as how you got interested the field, your career goals, where you are from and where you go to school.

“Asking questions centered around what the mentee wants to gain from the relationship is a good place to start.” While your mentor will always be a valuable contact, it's important to know when the relationship has run its course. Part of being a mentor is helping your mentee on the journey toward achieving their own goals. Communication: Honesty and trust are essential to a successful partnership. Share the information with your mentor and make sure you leave it open for discussion.

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