How to retire at 60 with $45,000 in income By Special to MoneySense on March 18, 2018 Here are six ways a couple can meet their retirement goal by Walter Updegrave @CNNMoney July 26, 2017: 10:42 AM ET Planning young: a retirement roadmap I'm 60, earn about $80,000 a year, but have only $75,000 or so in retirement savings. I just gave you the 30,000-foot view. How to Retire at 60. When you retire early, you will need additional sources of income beyond Medicare and Social Security, such as drawing on your IRA, 401(k) or other investment vehicles. But as the old scout saying goes: failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

With the right mindset, retiring at 60 should not be out of the question for many people. 50% of Americans Want to Retire at 60, but Whether They'll Get to Is a Different Story It takes money to retire early, and if you don't save accordingly, you won't get there. Now meet with a financial adviser to get all the details exactly right. Based on only the information you provided me, you can easily retire at age 60. As lifetime pensions fall out of favor and the Social Security program remains the topic of hot debate, Americans are relying more and more on personal savings to fund retirement. Retiring at 60 requires additional planning and an understanding of the retirement withdrawal rules.

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