By Jenell Talley. “I just bought the magazine to look at the pictures.” There is a kernel of truth to that statement. Michael George’s Walk This Way (Portrait of a Pilgrim) for National Geographic. Send images in a zip file or via USB flash drives. How to Sell Photos to Magazines. Consumers are naturally drawn to the unusual graphics and pictures often used in magazines. Share. You’ve heard the phrase before. 2. Press Room Submission Guidelines for Writers and Photographers. The most important part of your pitch is the photography. Create a spectacular image-driven website. Weekly newspapers used to shy away from buying action shots because by the time they go to press, the story is old news. Below, I have boiled down years of pitching and securing print placements on how to get your story told and featured in the print magazines you love most. By Jenell Talley.

AARP The Magazine, the bimonthly printed for AARP's 37 million-plus members, helps the baby boomer and Silent generations live the second half of their lives to the fullest. One of the other problems with submitting images to a vanity magazine is that the photos can be tied up in the submission process for months, which … Where to pitch your photos: With newspapers slowly adapting to the 24-hour news cycle created by the Internet, options for freelance spot-news photography are greater. "Don't ever direct an editor to your FTP site where we can download images," says Smith. High resolution photos are optimal, but be mindful of how you send them so you're not crashing an editor's email server.

The fifth paragraph should tell the editor why you're writing the piece and how the magazine's readers will benefit from reading it. Get familiar with the publication.

Do your homework.

It follows that magazine consumers are more likely to read magazine ads that carry compelling images. About Us: Yankee covers all six New England states — Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont — with an emphasis on what is happening in the region today.Writers interested in working with us are strongly advised to read several current issues of Yankee before querying us. "We don't have time." Don’t tell me about another publication’s coverage of your news. “If you were trying to pitch stories here—whether it’s National Geographic magazine or Traveler—it’s really, really smart to have looked at the magazines. Additionally, it may be helpful to end your pitch with a short biography of yourself, a list of other publications you have done for other magazines, as it relates to your current pitch. How to Submit Photos to a Magazine and get Published By Paul Skidmore / Updated January 13, 2020 / Earn Money with Photography If you want to become a professional photographer, travel blogger, or simply love photography as a hobby, you may want to look at submitting your photos to magazines to get your work published . 5. The last thing any journalist wants to hear is that some other magazine beat him or her to the punch on your product story. Pitching stories to magazine and newspaper editors is tough, but there is a lot you can do to improve your chances of success. Pitching a photo story to a magazine Hi everyone, I'd like to start pitching ideas to magazines, and would love to hear approaches that others have taken and stories of pitches getting picked up.

Photography is a skill you continue to develop, but now you want to start earning money for your hobby.

How To Pitch: AARP The Magazine Pitch 'aspirational and inspirational' stories of interest to the mag's 50-plus audience.

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