If you have oily skin, avoid using a stick or creamy concealer. All these are explained in detail below. Concealer can also be used for other facial problems (dark skin, pimples and dark spots) with dark circles, as we have mentioned. They tend to clog and call attention to your pores.

Learn how to apply concealer to dark circles, pimples, and dark spots the RIGHT way, plus concealer mistakes to avoid. Concealer of different colors is used for all these problems.

Always apply your foundation before the concealer. Once you’ve covered your dark spots with color-correcting concealer, reach for foundation. Much like the eternal mystery of what came first the chicken or the egg, a classic makeup debate that never seems to settle is what to apply first the concealer or the foundation. Apply foundation first, then your concealer. Look for one with a radiant finish and apply it with a makeup blender, bouncing and blending it onto your skin. If someone has a variety of problems, multiple colors of color corrector can be used on the same face. How to Apply Concealer. It’s not just about how you cleanse, clean and clear. We all think we know how to use concealer, but these 10 key facts just changed the game.

How to highlight and contour dark skin ... so your skin needs prepping.

Apply your foundation and blush as you normally would. How to apply foundation Choose the best concealer & find flawless skin with five simple steps . Dreaming of a life filled with flawless skin? If you do this you will use way less concealer.


Should you apply foundation or concealer first? Whether you choose a bare minerals foundation or a liquid product, be sure to choose a foundation that matches your skin color as closely as possible for the most natural look. It also helps with the foundation application process as it allows the foundation to be applied to your face easily. If you follow makeup artists on Instagram or turn the pages of any beauty magazine, chances are you’ll find a tutorial on color correcting, a much buzzed about new trend that involves wearing concealer in every shade of the rainbow. Step 2: Apply a Foundation Primer – Apply foundation primer to your face. When you're past your 20s, your skin has different concerns — fine lines, sagging, dryness — so your base makeup needs to catch up in formula and technique. To settle this curious debate, Allure asked pro makeup artists for their input on the matter. Apply concealer to the areas of your face that you would like to emphasise.

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