This qualification provides students with the opportunity to: Analyse language use in a range of authentic texts. Students will be required to identify and describe features of language in the texts using methods of language analysis. Like many A Level subjects, English Language A Level is nothing like its GCSE counterpart. Engage with language issues and concepts. Analyzing texts using Vocabulary Profilers. Content overview. He used incredibly figurative language, and he often wrote in verse! Identify the level of a reading text or; know which words in a text should receive more focus. 4.1.2 Methods of language analysis . P Town, HoD & Peer Reviewer (on Electronic Texts) The number of spoken language texts and transcripts is fantastic as language teachers are always in need of authentic transcripts, so this alone makes it a valuable resource

In our Language and Identity scheme of work, we make reference to data that can be used from our past papers to support the teaching of AS and A level In order to study textual variations and representations, students will be required to identify and describe salient features of language … Many students don’t know how to analyse Shakespeare. A fantastic array of useful and varied text-type exemplars which would benefit any student needing to prepare for an exam where analysis of unseen texts is required. Students must complete both components (01 and 02) to be awarded the OCR AS Level in English Language. Understand how language works in a variety of contexts. Students produce an extended comparative response (AO1, AO2, AO3, AO4 assessed). Students can also use it to see which words might be most useful for them to learn. Shakespeare is daunting to many. A Level Individual Variation One question on two unseen 21st-century linked texts/data. For contemporary readers, this is …
Designed to fit the new AQA syllabus - this full lesson gives and introduction to the course and a lesson in the basic frameworks of textual analysis.

Use our free text analysis tool to generate a range of statistics about a text and calculate its readability scores. And rightly so, Shakespeare didn’t use contemporary English, but rather wrote in Early Modern English. It is challenging at times, and requires a knowledge of terminology.

There are a few vocabulary profilers that can help you analyze text effectively. Analysis is a major part of the course and you will encounter countless texts of countless different genres and subjects – … Generate text statistics and analyse the content of a text.

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