Quattro Pro displays the CrossTab Options dialog box (see Figure 12.20).

Quattro Pro displays the QuickFill dialog box shown in Figure 3.9.

Quattro Pro … However, I don't see a way to apply the drop down list to a whole column. You can also export a table to these applications. I am balancing a month end row from a monthly statement.

Place checks in the Show Column Summaries and Show Row Summaries boxes and click OK to redisplay the CrossTab Report dialog box. Quattro Pro has numerous formatting and layout options. You can create a table by importing a spreadsheet or database from applications like Quattro Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, and Microsoft Excel.

2) In Quattro Pro, choose: Tools, Settings, Application, International. Array Functions: Quattro Pro's array functions can be very useful.

Hi! I am trying to make it easier to use the "status" column by creating a drop down list that would apply to every cell in that column. For years Quattro Pro had a comparative advantage, in regard to maximum row and column limits, (allowing a maximum worksheet size of one million rows by 18,276 columns). Quattro Pro When you create and name a macro in a Quattro Pro notebook, the name of the macro automatically becomes a valid Quattro Pro DDE command for as long as the notebook is open.

After I enter information about a specific item along a row with columns for size, date of purchase, description, etc. Good planning is required in order to create a workable spreadsheet..

Attention must be given to: information organization To add totals to the report, click the Options button. I'm putting together a spreadsheet inventory of a collection in WP Office X5, Win 7.

Copy this formula down the column. The Quattro pro sum and the statement sum is … The traditional method is: Enter the formula =B1^3.

I want to add a thumbnail photo of each item (at the end of the row, in its own column).. Then, open the Edit menu, point to the Fill command, and click QuickFill. Figure 12.20. Enter the following lines into cells in a Quattro Pro notebook and name each cell or group of cells using the block names indicated below. The creation of a spreadsheet is a bit more involved than a typical essay-style document. This avoided the 65,536 row by 256 column spreadsheet limitations inherent to Microsoft Excel (prior to Excel 2007). To add page numbers in WordPerfect: Click on Format Highlight Page Click on Numbering Select the Position using the Position drop down Menu The indicators at the bottom of your WordPerfect screen can also be "activated".

Consider a situation where you want to calculate the cube roots of each of the numbers in column B.

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