In the original French version, Papa Smurf's name is "Le Grand Schtroumpf", which could be translated as "the Great Smurf" or "the Big Smurf".

Given the nickname "Smurfette" by online sleuth forums because of the t shirt she was found wearing, this young Jane Doe has remained nameless since her decomposing remains were found approximately 25 feet from the side of Walters Road in Houston Texas, on October 16th 2012. In Hogatha's castle, the evil witch took a look at herself in the mirror with Smurfette's youth and beauty now transferred to her. One possible match mentioned in a comment by u/shesclueingforlooks another Smurfette Jane Doe write-up include IreneSantiago, who vanished from Laredo in January of 2011. She is Latina, with brown hair and brown eyes.

My profile, my problem :-) MICHAEL PATRICK KELLY - ONE MORE SONG - HAPPY FACES FESTIVAL - CZECH REPUBLIC 19.8.2017 - Duration: 3 minutes, 5 seconds. Smurfette would most likely be voiced by Hynden Walch, who is the voice actress of Starfire from the 2000s Teen Titans cartoon show. 24 Sep 2016 - Explore tysonwiggle's board "Smurfs" on Pinterest.
Get her the attire perfect for her. See more ideas about Smurfs, Smurfette and Cartoon characters.

Thank you, your vote was recorded and will be displayed soon. At 542 years old (546 in the movie) is the third-oldest Smurf after Grandpa and Nanny, and well above the typical age of the other Smurfs, which are approximately 100 years old. Filters: ALL VERSIONS. Smurfette's hair was originally short and black, but became long and blond when she became a real Smurf.
She was delighted and ecstatic to see that, instead of the short dumpy old witch she once appeared as, she was now a gorgeous tall orange-haired woman that looked every bit like the woman Hogatha always wanted to be.

Incarnations On BTVA: 14 Versions from 14 Titles. Smurfette Voice.

Possible Voice Actor Edit. Dumped in two black trash bags, adjacent to a gated… Irene was 15 years old and very small, only 5 feet tall and 88 pounds. ALL; SHOWS (5) MOVIES (7) GAMES (1) ADS (1) NEW FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by reprisals. Papa Smurf is the protagonist of The Smurfs.

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