Discuss Jane’s one real concern about venturing away from Lowood. When Miss Temple invites Jane and Helen for tea, Jane listens enraptured to Helen's and Miss Temple's intellectual discussion, while observing a real warmth and affinity between them. Explain how Brontë uses the supernatural in this chapter. How does Miss Temple’s marriage affect Jane? Helen is Jane’s pious best friend at Lowood Institute.

How does Miss Temple's marriage affect Jane? Discuss Jane’s one real concern about venturing away from Lowood. His reply agrees with Jane's, and she is publicly cleared of Mr. Brocklehurst's accusation. Discuss Jane’s one real concern about venturing away from Lowood.

Arriving at Lowood, she is shown to Miss Temple, the superintendent of the institution. Miss Temple, the teacher in charge of Lowood Institute, is the only person able to protect the girls at the school from the cruelty of Mr. Brocklehurst. Miss Temple does not believe the accusation and goes to figure out the truth herself. Although St. John proposes marriage, Jane knows their marriage will remain loveless. 46. Chapter 11 47. Bronte describes every setting in "Jane Eyre" in a vast amount of detail, using a number of different language techniques, so as to portray the experiences of her characters, almost subconsciously, to the reader. When she does this, it becomes apparent of how she just genuinely wants to get to know the girls for who they are and not what others say. 5. Miss Temple gains Jane’s loyalty forever when she takes steps to find out whether Jane really is a liar… 44. Explore how Bronte uses setting to reflect the experiences of her characters. Bessie notes that Jane is “quite a lady.” On what does Bessie base her opinion? Mr Brocklehurst, the self-righteous minister of Lowood, tells Miss Temple "you are aware that my plan in bringing up these girls, is not to accustom them to luxury and indulgence, but to render them hardy, patient and self-denying". 3.

Miss Temple.

But she lacks emotional sustenance. 43. After Jane does so, Miss Temple writes to Mr. Lloyd. Although Miss Temple tells her not to be afraid of punishment, Jane is soon made the dunce of the school. On the night of her death, Jane sneaks into Miss Temple's room where Helen sleeps, and the two girls discuss God and the idea of an afterlife during Helen's last waking moments.

she seems to have found a motherly love in Miss Temple but she loses this when her mentor leaves.Miss Temple acts a role model for JANE EYRE which suggest the reason why she decided to work as an assistant teacher for 2 years.MISS TEMPLE exemplies a model of morality and learning for little jane. Jane gets leave from Lowood and journeys to Millcote to take the position. Jane Eyre is a classic novel by Charlotte Brontë that was published in 1847 by Smith, Elder & Company, London, and is one of the most famous British novels. Orphaned into the household of her Aunt Reed at Gateshead and subject to the cruel regime at Lowood charity school, Jane Eyre nonetheless emerges unbroken in spirit and integrity. Although his family leads a luxurious lifestyle, Mr. Brocklehurst hypocritically preaches to others a doctrine of privation and poverty. Brocklehurst stands her on a stool and announces to the entire school that Jane is a liar. Before Jane goes to sleep in her new room at Thornfield, she kneels to pray. How does Miss Temple’s marriage affect Jane? This action does not correlate with Jane’s previous beliefs concerning religion. In her absence, however, Jane begins "to feel the stirring of old emotions," and she is no longer content with her life at Lowood.

4. How does Miss Temple’s marriage affect Jane? The night Jane first … Explain how Bronte uses the supernatural in this chapter.Chapter 11 1. Miss Temple, the superintendent, is a kind and fair teacher, who treats the girls at Lowood with respect and justice. Its light helps her find her way to Helen Burns as the latter lays dying in Miss Temple's room. Miss Temple finally marries, and Jane places an advertisement for a position as a governess in the local paper.

Helen is extremely intelligent, calm, and caring, but her most important aspect is her devout religious faith. Later that day, Miss Temple allows Jane to speak in her own defense. 25 Jane Eyre STUDENT COPY Examine how class issues are important in this chapter. Her moral compass is strong and that is something that Jane really admires. 6. *Explain how Brontë uses the supernatural in this chapter. His views are extreme, contrasting with Miss Temple’s. The moon often serves as a guiding light for Jane. Get an answer for 'In Jane Eyre, explain the influence of the following people in Jane's life: Mrs. Reed, Miss Temple, Helen, Mr. Brocklehurst, St. John, and John. Mr Brocklehurst stresses the importance of plain clothing and humility (but his own family have long beautiful hair and are dressed richly). If she's outdoors, she looks for the moon in the sky; indoors, it may shine through the windows. No one is to speak to Jane for the rest of the day, but Helen silently supports her friend by smiling every time she passes Jane's stool. In Miss Temple's presence, Jane has learned to harness her emotions and keep them under restraint. 45. Bessie notes that Jane is “quite a lady.” On what does Bessie base her opinion? At Moor House, Jane enjoys economic independence and engages in worthwhile and useful work, and she finds work as a schoolmistress, and does some real good to her pupils.

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