Such a privelege to have Ken Plowman and Leslie Kershaw onboard our Horsa Glider today ahead of tomorrow's commemoratons.

This is a resin and metal kit, which comes in several parts including metal undercarriage and a landing skid.

British Pathé.

The Airspeed Horsa carried two pilots, and 25 or more troops or loads like a jeep and anti-tank gun. Aircrews prepare for take off in D.C.3s and Horsa gliders. The model in question is the BFF-005: Airspeed Horsa Glider, from the Flyin’ Little Fokkers range available via Old Glory UK, for the price of £16.00. Dave wanted to model a landed glider. It was constructed for the 60th anniversary of D-Day in 2004. A Horsa glider near the Caen Canal bridge at Benouville, 8 June 1944.

British Pathé. When the Horsa production was in mass production in 1943, many small factories around the UK made component parts and these these were assembled to make up the whole aircraft.
Fully loaded a Horsa glider weighed almost 7 tons.

Invasion Aircraft (1944) Gliders used by the RAF to transport the troops and equipment.

The Mk I and the Mk II were virtually identical in outward appearance and performance but, naturally, some design improvements were seen in the Mk II.

Bronco's new Horsa Glider in 35th scale will swoop in at the end of July.. It had a cylindrical plywood fuselage, a high wing with very large flaps, and jettisonable main undercarriage, the glider then landing on a central skid and the nosewheel. This is glider No.

91, which carried Major John Howard and Lieutenant Den Brotheridge with No.1 Platoon, 'D' Company, 2nd Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.

The pictures below show a full size copy of a Horsa glider in the park of the Pegasus Memorial Museum at Ranville, France. Mainly Aircraft. Airspeed Horsa Assault Glider production 1943. Contributor: David Stubblebine ww2dbase The Airspeed AS.51 Mk I and AS.58 Mk II Horsa gliders were British World War II troop-carrying gliders built by Airspeed Limited and subcontractors and used for air assault by British and Allied armed forces. Horsa Glider Lands On Water (1940) Gliders used to transport the American troops.
British Pathé. Arnhem (1944)

Bronco 1/35 35203 Airspeed A.S.58 Horsa Glider MK.. Up for auction is an raf horsa glider sticker.

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