Visit Cell Press new interdisciplinary open access journal. Classification, in biology, the establishment of a hierarchical system of categories on the basis of presumed natural relationships among organisms. Have you read our clinical investigations collection? In this Perspective, we focus on new, systems-centric views of structure-based drug design (SBDD) that we believe will impact future drug discovery research and development. The science of biological classification is commonly called taxonomy ( q.v. We will first discuss new ways to identify drug targets based on systems intervention analysis, and then we will introduce emerging SBDD methods driven by advancements in systems biology. ). The Biology of Life Life can be studied as a hierarchical systems The structure of living organisms including those of entire populations and ecosystems is organized in a hierarchical fashion that allows a systematic exploration of the question ‘What is life?’. iScience: looking for a place to be inspired? Your guide for insights, advice, and techniques. At school the principal is at the top of the staff hierarchy, while the seniors rule the student hierarchy. Hierarchy describes a system that organizes or ranks things, often according to power or importance.

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