The Assyrian Empire began to arise around 1270 BC, in the area far north on the Tigris River after the fall of Chaldea. The Assyrian Empire was formed in 934 BCE and lasted until 609 BCE. Asked in Assyria How did the Assyrian empire end ? 1115 BCE - 1076 BCE Reign of Tiglath-Pileser I of Assyria who conquers Phoenicia and revitalizes the empire.

912 BCE - 891 BCE Reign of Adad Nirari II who revitalizes kingdom and secures borders.

Their main objective was to take Nineveh and destroy this city because it was the seat of power for the Assyrian empire. At the end of the seventh century, the Assyrian empire collapsed under the assault of Babylonians from southern Mesopotamia and Medes, newcomers who were to establish a kingdom in Iran.

Battle scene, Assyrian, about 728 BC. Nimrud was destroyed twice, first in 614 and again in 612 B.C.

When did the Assyrian Empire end and start ? (4250) The Persians ascend to power. They adopt the Akkadian writing system (Assyrian cuneiform).

With the collapse of the Egyptian army, its final buttress, the Assyrian empire came to its end. The first capital of Assyria was Assur, and after that Nimrod became the capital of ancient Assyria. The last great Assyrian ruler was Ashurbanipal, but his last years and the period following his death, in 627 bce, are obscure. 500 B.C. The Assyrian was eradicated by a coalition of Elamites and Chaldeans in about 609 BC.

In that final year, Ashur and Nineveh also fell, and Assyrian rule in the Near East came to an end. The state was finally destroyed by a Chaldean-Median coalition in 612–609 bce.

The Babylonians led this federation and went to war against the Assyrians.

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